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The Story of Cal's Minerals

Natural horsemanship practitioner Jim Rea is also widely acknowledged as an expert in keeping horses healthy. He owns the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center.

Cal’s Minerals is part of the family of proven equine health products made available by the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center in Calhan, Colorado. Like you, we’re serious about maintaining the lifelong health of equines and other animals.

Jim highly recommends and encourages fellow equine owners to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the daily feeding needs of your horses to assure that your animals have consistent access to the full spectrum of nutrients needed to maintain their good health.

Good idea? Of course!
To understand how it all works together check out our equine forage and health resource page to learn more.


About Cal Stout

Cal Stout, Researcher and Creator of Cal’s Horse Minerals

Cal Stout was born and reared in west central Missouri, on a Hereford ranch. The ranch consisted of a show barn for Hereford cattle. These cattle were fed twice daily and fitted for show, thus began Cal’s intensive interest in investigating the nutritional needs of all equines by analyzing their feed forage.

After serving in the U.S. Army, Cal moved to Colorado, enrolling at Colorado State University as an Animal Nutrition major. After graduation, he started a laboratory testing business in Scottsbluff, Nebraska where his lab tested soils in western states for the presence of trace minerals. He often worked with fertilizer companies to assist them in increasing yields using their fertilizers. This work provided opportunities to compile extensive research data on trace minerals by conducting soil tests throughout the American west. The tests included analysis of five important trace minerals. From the beginning the goal was to improve the quality of the crops grown for both human and animal consumption. Over time what was learned was that trace minerals made a major difference: trace minerals not only improved the quality and quantity of crops, they helped reduce crop disease and harmful insects.

After thirteen years Cal sold his interest in the testing lab and started a manufacturing facility in Colorado. Active in most western states, the facility focusing on servicing beef and dairy operations, developing more than 20 formulas of minerals and vitamins.

In 1989, Cal started G-Cal Research, where he continued to manufacture supplements from the operation, but placing a priority on equine supplements. The lab performed substantial testing of equine hair in order to correlate mineral content and favorable horse responses from utilizing supplement programs. Again, trace minerals work well when used properly to balance food forage quality.

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